Assassins Creed Revalations

Hey Guys,

I want to talk to you guys about the brand new Assassins Creed.
I preordered it so I got it the day it came out which was 15/11/11 and I have been playing for a while now I have the biggest preorder pack that you can get which is the animus edition and that came with Collectors box and the game plus a short movie and extra in-game items and 2 Multiplayer characters.
I have been mainly been playing the campaign and not much of the Multiplayer but I am level 8 on Multiplayer and I’m up to Sequence 5. This time you play as Ezio and Altier but for the main part of the game you play as Ezio but this time he is 50 but he is more wiser and a better fighter, when you first start off you are at the original Assassin lair and you have to try to get to the vault of Altier but when you get there you need to get the keys that are needed to open it. Your Journey leads you to Constantinople where you meet another assassin who teeches you how to use bombs and how to use the hookblade, the hookblade is used to get past enimies and to get to higher places faster and some other things. The campaign is quite detailed and the graphics are pretty good.

I rate this game an 8.5/10

A Quick Question

Hey Guys,

I have a quick question for you all I want to know if you guys Prefer Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) more than the other.
The only time I have ever played Battlefield 3 is the Beta and that was really really REALLY bad. I have always Been a MW3 person and I have only got one Battlefield game and that was Bad Company and my brother Recently got MW3 and It is really really good.

So people tell me what you think.

Game Review

Hey guys,

I thought that I should do something called Minecraft. Minecraft is a 3D block that are based on real world elements. I first found out about this game from a friend and have liked it ever since Minecraft is really fun and you can do basically whatever you want in it you can build houses on land in the air or even underwater you can make your house out of a lot of things like. Dirt, stone, sand, glass, wood, and a lot of other things you can even collect lava! The challenge is that you have to get everything yourself. Minecraft has had a lot of updates but now Notch said that there will be no more updates and that Minecraft is finally finished I recommend that you guys should buy this game if you haven’t already.

I rate this game a 9.5/10

Here Is the link to Minecraft

Paranormal Activity 3

Hey guys,

On Friday I watched Paranormal Activity 3 with some of my friends when we got to the movie theater there was a really really long line so we had to wait for a bit.

A while later we finally got our tickets but we didnt get andy popcorn or anything but we decided to get some lollies and drinks from the lolly shop across the road when we got in there was not many spots at the back so we decided to go up the front. Well anyway enough about that I’m gonna talk about the movie. In the movie It starts off as the Katey and Kristie when they are older and after a few minutes it shows them when they are younger and the dad who is filming everything. Katey has a invisible friend called Toby, later on in the movie Katey disowns Toby and Toby get very mad and starts to hurt and haunt Katey’s sister Kristie but eventually Katey tells Toby to stop and he does.The dad has a friend called Randy who come to look after Katey when everyone else had gone to take katey to the Doctor because of her extremly high fever and Randy and Kristie do bloody Mary. Anyway Im not going to tell you anymore about the story unless you guys really want to know more.

I really suggest watching this movie and I rate it a 9/10


Hey guys I have a friend a Friend called Tom and he is doing reviews on his blog about movies and other things and because I play some video games I thought I may aswell do some reviews so I’m going to let you guys pick my first game to reveiw and you shiuld check out Tom’s blog here is the link for it but I can only do Playstation 3 and Computer games

About me

 Hey my name is Liam. I have one older brother (twin) who is the same age as me. My brother’s name is Patrick he is also in the same class as me at school. I have a Dad and a Mum, My mum’s name is Schon and my Dad’s name is Dean. I have 1 cat and his name is Mikey and my brother has a cat also and her name is Mily my mum used to have 2 cats but they died recently  their names were Nellie and Special. I spend some of my time on the playstation 3 and computer but not all of my time; I play with my brother and with friends online. I like playing sport and I play for a soccer club my favourite sports are soccer, cricket, football, and swimming. I like listening to music whenever I can I play guitar and I also play flute I play in concerts for my guitar and my brother inspired me to play flute.

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