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 Hey my name is Liam. I have one older brother (twin) who is the same age as me. My brother’s name is Patrick he is also in the same class as me at school. I have a Dad and a Mum, My mum’s name is Schon and my Dad’s name is Dean. I have 1 cat and his name is Mikey and my brother has a cat also and her name is Mily my mum used to have 2 cats but they died recently  their names were Nellie and Special. I spend some of my time on the playstation 3 and computer but not all of my time; I play with my brother and with friends online. I like playing sport and I play for a soccer club my favourite sports are soccer, cricket, football, and swimming. I like listening to music whenever I can I play guitar and I also play flute I play in concerts for my guitar and my brother inspired me to play flute.

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  2. Hi Liam,
    My name is Holly Fore and I am a student at The University Of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. I am in a technology class and really enjoying it. We are learning so many new things. I really enjoyed reading your blog. It is cool! I think is it so cool that you have a twin brother, I always wished I had a twin. I have an older sister who is 5 years older than me and most people think we are twins because we look so much alike. I also love the names of you and your brothers cats. Well keep of the good work!!

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